Outil interactif pour coffre sous-chassis Trebor

Outil interactif pour coffre sous-chassis Trebor

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Choosing the right options for your custom underbody tool box

Welcome to Trebor’s custom underbody tool box interactive tool. This page can be used by anyone, dealers and customers alike, to create a unique underbody tool box that responds to all of their needs. Our interactive tool is designed to help you think of everything you may need in your custom tool box.

Once you’ve filled in steps one through three, you’ll see an image appear on the right side of the tool to give you a better idea of what your toolbox will look like. Please write as many details as possible in the box provided in order for us to best understand your needs. If you are unsure of something, or have any questions, please contact us before filling out your order form.

Once completed, Trebor will automatically create a unique part number specific to your underbody tool box.

Before you begin

Take note of exactly what you need from your tool box. Think of what you do with your truck on a daily basis, and what you may need to store most often in the box. Take the time to properly measure the space available and be cautious of any part of your truck that could obstruct the tool box door. This is an investment towards increased efficiency and productivity, so take the time to think about it.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you build the perfect underbody tool box!

Choose from options below - Steps 1 to 3 are mandatory


First, we’ll need your box dimension: depth, height and width. Be careful to double check, as measurement errors or mistakes when entering dimensions could lead to you ending up with a box that doesn’t fit on your truck, or one that could have been bigger. Make sure to take everything into consideration when examining the space available on your truck. It is important to note that all dimensions are in inches and not centimeters. That being said, we accommodate request for tool boxes of all dimensions. There is no tool box too big or too small.


We offer a variety of finishes to fit your personal preference. Our most popular choice, checkerplate aluminum, offers a sleek chrome finish and a shiny look, with a diamond (checkerplate) texture designed to reduce scratches caused by travelling.

Smooth aluminum provides a slick matte finish, which many people may prefer. It’s also easier to buff and paint in order to give the box a second life.

Our stainless steel mirror finish offers an amazing look, that is stronger, more resistant and doesn’t rust. However, this finish is more expensive than the other two finishes and does have size restrictions to keep in mind. A stainless steel mirror tool box cannot be bigger than 36 or 40 inches because the thickness is about 1/16 of an inch. If you wish to have a bigger stainless steel underbody tool box, the mirror effect is not possible, but we can go the route of a matte finish with a thickness closer to .125.

As for the thickness (.125 vs .188), most people opt for .125, which is very solid and robust. For those carrying really heavy items like generators, or for those whose staff are not careful with their equipment, they may opt for .188, which is about 25 per cent more expensive than .125.

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Trebor Manufacturing has a door to suit all needs, including options for single and double doors. When it comes to single doors, there are four options. A fold down door can provide you with a shelf, and includes chains to position the door at a 90 degree angle when opened. This is very useful for those who may need a workbench on the go. If you’re going for space saving options, a fold up door may be of use as it won’t get in your way. A fold right door is usually installed on the passenger side, and will close automatically in the wind, in the event someone forgets to close the door before hitting the road. A fold left door can be installed on the drivers side for the same effect.


Double doors are overlapping, meaning that one door must be opened before the other. These types of doors can be installed either on the passenger side or drivers side in order to have the same feature as mentioned above, in which the doors will shut automatically in the wind if someone forgets to close them. A double door can be handy for those with a divider or separator in the the middle of the tool box. When it comes to this type of door, there are some size restrictions, depending on which handle you’d like.


There are no standards when it comes to the door finish. Some may choose to go with the same finish as the body of the tool box, while some may choose to mix and match by choosing a smooth aluminum finish for the tool box and a mirror stainless finish for their door.


Trebor currently offers three options when it comes to handles. Our signature Trebor T-handle is our most popular and cost-effective option, with a key lock. Ask about our three point lock system for better door closure.

The waterproof, adjustable whale tale compression handle makes your truck’s tool box much easier to open and close, while preventing water infiltration.

The compression anti-rack is a more luxurious option, with a double-lock mechanism that offers better door closure, and an exterior locking mechanism for extra protection against theft.


Here, you can add options like gas shocks, shelves, drawers and hooks. Be specific! Whatever you choose, please indicate in this box how many, where you would like them installed, at what height and at what distance from each other. Also include what material you’ll be using on each component. Adding a shelf? What will you put on the shelf? Want a drawer? What goes in the drawer? What you plan to store will have an effect on the type of tracks used for the drawer.

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If you would like your tool box to be under warranty, it must be installed on brackets. Brackets will help to support the truck’s distortion when it moves. The size of the brackets will be automatically added to fit the dimensions of the box, but it is possible to adjust the height of the brackets so that the tool box sits lower.

Brackets can be made in steel or aluminum. Steel is more affordable, but many opt for aluminum which is lighter, but just as strong as steel. “Steel brackets and primer” simply means that it comes with primer to prevent rust.

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Here is where you note any details that may be useful to Trebor. If, for example, you need five identical tool boxes, here is where you would write this information rather than filling out five identical order forms.

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