Custom Aluminum Tool Boxes

Custom Aluminum Tool Boxes

Get your aluminum tool box customized for your semi-truck with Trebor Manufacturing, the leader in custom semi-truck accessories. From stainless steel mirror doors, to a smooth or checker/ plate/diamond finish with versatile, to versatile storage options, you can practically draw what you have in mind and we can make it happen. With the industry’s best quality stainless steel hinges, lightweight aluminum body and doors, and anti-theft locking mechanisms, your semi-truck tool box is built to last. Storing your truck gear like chains, ropes, oil, and straps has never been so practical with Trebor’s custom tool boxes. Whether you need an underbody tool box, battery box, step tool box or any other custom storage box for your semi-truck, Trebor Manufacturing will deliver high quality tool boxes in the fastest turnaround time. Get a free quote for your custom semi-truck tool box.



If you need a unique tool box, make sure it looks just right and that it has exactly what you need. Fill in our interactive form, try different options and see how your customized underbody tool box takes shape now.

Custom Underbody Tool Box Form

Box Finish | Door Options

Choosing the right box and door finish for your custom tool box is a matter of taste and style. A checkerplate finish will give a shiny look and the wear and tear of the road will be less visible on this type of storage box. Whereas a plain box with plain doors will have a smooth finish feel and will match any type of truck finish. On the other hand our smooth finish with stainless steel mirror doors option has a highly esthetic appeal that will make you stand out and has the best durability out of all three aluminum tool box finishes.

Box Finishes

You can choose between our different box finishes.


Aluminium diamond box and door


Smooth aluminum box and door

underbody tool box 3

Smooth aluminum Box and mirror stainless steel

Door Options

You can choose between different door options according to the needs of your vehicle.

Single Door – Trebor offers you 4 door opening options.

Custom Aluminum Tool Boxes - Fold up
Custom Aluminum Tool Boxes - Fold Down
fold left
fold right

Two Door – Trebor offers you 1 door opening options.

Custom Aluminum Tool Boxes - Fold Left


Product Features and Options

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Trebor produces discreet, esthetic hinges made of durable, 5 inch, rust-proof stainless steel for increased robustness that will last through all North American weather conditions. Hinges are included on all our aluminum tool box models with recessed doors.

Stainless Steel Handle Options

Our state of the art stainless steel handles for your custom tool box comes in three possible styles.

T handle - TR3D6886

Our signature Trebor T-handle is the most popular, cost effective option with a key lock. Ask about our 3 point lock system for better door closure.

Whale tail compression handle

The waterproof, adjustable Whale tail compression handle makes your truck tool box much easier to open and close and prevents water infiltration because of its compression.

Trebor anti-rack handle

Our luxurious, double-lock, compression Anti-rack handle offers better door closure with an exterior locking mechanism for extra protection against theft.

Storage and Organization Options

At Trebor we design custom tool box storage and organization options that will allow optimal use of space in your tool box. Ask us about these options for your custom box.

Standard Fixed Shelves
In a standard aluminum tool box for semi-trucks, one 1/8″ aluminum shelf can be added at your desired height and depth.

Adjustable Shelves
A 1/8″ aluminum shelf can be installed on aluminum rails inside your tool box allowing height flexibility whenever you need it.

Your custom truck box can be equipped with custom drawers on sliding rails which can be used to store tools or other equipment for the road.

Divide your custom toolbox in different sections for proper storage with aluminum separators.

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