Aluminum Enclosed Headache Rack 25" x 68" x 78"-TR3DPL6878WT

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All of Trebor Manufacturing’s aluminum Enclosed headache racks are made with highly durable 1/8” aluminum panel material.

This aluminum headache rack measures 25″ deep x 68″ high x 78″ long. It is made of aluminum with 3 doors. You’ll receive a free U-Bolt Mounting Kit with any purchase.

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    Depth: 25"
    Height: 68"
    Length: 78"

     : Smooth (Mill finish)

     : Smooth (Mill finish)

     : 1 Year

     : Whale Tail Handle

     : Three doors

     : N/A

     : 279 lb

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Trebor Manufacturing has a long history of working with our clients to create and manufacture incredible custom units built to suit our client’s detailed requirements and needs. Nothing is too challenging for our experienced team of professionals at Trebor. Just check-out our other accomplishments on our website! There, you will find photos of just some of these custom units.


Trebor Manufacturing is proud to be serving truck parts dealers, retailers, manufacturers and distributors in the trucking business throughout North America. Please feel free to contact us or request a quote in regards to any of our semi-truck accessories including aluminum tool boxes, headache racks, custom aluminum tool boxes and other products such as dump bodies and flatbeds.

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Choosing the right box and door finish for your Enclosed headache rack is all about taste and style. An aluminum checker-plate finish will give you a polished look and road wear & tear will be less visible on this type of finish. While a plain aluminum box with plain doors will have a smooth finish look and will suit any type of truck finish. On the other hand, our smooth finish aluminum option with stainless steel mirror doors has a very aesthetic appeal that will make your box stand out and has the best durability of the three aluminum Enclosed headache rack finishes.

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Enclosed headache rack-BODY FINISH AND DOOR FINISH

Our standard aluminum plain option is a Enclosed headache rack made of 1/8 (.125) thick plain aluminum. This mill finish is the surface texture (or finish) of this Enclosed headache rack. This texture is smooth and lacks luster. Some prefer this because it has a uniform finish and is easy to polish. It is also the # 1 choice if you want to have it painted. This finish will go well with any truck finish and is a great replacement for the checker-plate finish if the checker-plate is not your preferred style. This smooth finish will look great on any truck or trailer!

** Note that we do not offer painting or polishing services. **


Enclosed headache rack'-'DOOR OPTION

3 Doors - Headache racks

The doors open from the inside to the outside. The passenger side door (right side hinges), the driver side door (left side hinges). The center side door open left ( left side hinges ).


Enclosed headache rack'-'

Whale tail Handle

Our signature Trebor Whale tail is one of our most popular options. The waterproof, adjustable Whale tail compression handle makes your truck tool box much easier to open and close and prevents water infiltration because of its compression. Chrome finish with two types of lock. It can be blocked with a key or with a padlock.


Enclosed headache rack'-'HINGE(S)

Trebor produces esthetically pleasing, 5-inch hinges. these are made of durable, corrosion resistant stainless steel for increased robustness that will last through all of North American weather conditions. These hinges are included on all of our Enclosed headache rack models with recessed doors. The hinges are installed with stainless steel rivets. These are the best hinges available on the market for maximum durability.


Enclosed headache rack'-'SEAL

It's important to have a Enclosed headache rack for your truck, but what's even more important is to have a box that keeps your equipment dry. This is why Trebor manufacturing offers a door seal inside the door(s). This seal compresses when closing the door(s) and seals your Enclosed headache rack from weather as it expands. There is also a seal all around the frame of the door opening on the box body to prevent cuts and damage to your equipment.


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Get your aluminum tool box customized for your semi-truck with Trebor Manufacturing, the leader in custom semi-truck accessories. From stainless steel mirror doors, to a smooth or checker/plate/diamond finish, to versatile storage options, you can practically draw what you have in mind and we can make it happen. With the industry’s best quality stainless steel hinges, lightweight aluminum body and doors, and anti-theft locking mechanisms, your semi-truck tool box is built to last. Storing your truck gear like chains, ropes, oil, and straps has never been so practical with Trebor’s custom tool boxes.


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