Aluminum Heavy Duty Flatbed 102" x 288"-PFFB24

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All of Trebor Manufacturing’s aluminum heavy duty flatbed are made with highly durable material.

This aluminum heavy duty flatbed measures 102″ wide x 288″ long.

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    Width: 102"
    Length: 288"

     : Extruded aluminum

     : N/A

     : 1 Year

     : N/A

     : N/A

     : Plateform with Flat bar installation

     : 1933 lb

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Trebor Manufacturing has a long history of working with our clients to create and manufacture incredible custom units built to suit our client’s detailed requirements and needs. Nothing is too challenging for our experienced team of professionals at Trebor. Just check-out our other accomplishments on our website! There, you will find photos of just some of these custom units.


Trebor Manufacturing is proud to be serving truck parts dealers, retailers, manufacturers and distributors in the trucking business throughout North America. Please feel free to contact us or request a quote in regards to any of our semi-truck accessories including aluminum tool boxes, headache racks, custom aluminum tool boxes and other products such as dump bodies and flatbeds.

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This platform must be installed directly on the truck. The height may vary depending on the installation. Check above to learn more about this product

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Heavy duty flatbed-BODY FINISH

As with all of our aluminum products, our aluminum floors require almost no maintenance and are built to last. Built with non-slip capabilities, super durable in the winter months and perfect for the summer. Our platforms comply with security rules. Choosing an aluminum platform is your best choice. While being a very strong metal, aluminum is also relatively light.


Heavy duty flatbed'-'SIDE WINCHES

This platform comes with 8x winches and straps. They are installed on the driver's side. The width is 3" on our straps. Very good quality, resistance up to 5400 pounds. They will be extremely useful when loading.


Heavy duty flatbed'-'

For ease of installation, this platform comes with 2x FLAT BARS underneath. Just put it on the truck and install it. Check that this is what you need for the installation. We also offer other type if necessary. To see the other types of installations we offer for the same model, look at # PFSUB8 and # PFAGL8.


Heavy duty flatbed'-'HEADBOARD

Protecting yourself is very important. That's why we provide a front trailer panel "headboard". It's 60 high by 97 wide. He's got a mesh window.


Heavy duty flatbed'-'BACKBOARD

Keep your load safe, this is very important! That's why we provide a rear trailer panel "back of bed". It is 24" high by 96" wide. It is made with a full length mesh window.


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Get your aluminum tool box customized for your semi-truck with Trebor Manufacturing, the leader in custom semi-truck accessories. From stainless steel mirror doors, to a smooth or checker/plate/diamond finish, to versatile storage options, you can practically draw what you have in mind and we can make it happen. With the industry’s best quality stainless steel hinges, lightweight aluminum body and doors, and anti-theft locking mechanisms, your semi-truck tool box is built to last. Storing your truck gear like chains, ropes, oil, and straps has never been so practical with Trebor’s custom tool boxes.


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