Trebor Manufacturing is renowned for building high quality custom semi-truck accessories and products for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and more, in the trucking industry. Not only do we build the most durable custom truck accessories, we deliver more quickly than most of our competitors so you can receive your order in a matter of days, not weeks. From custom aluminum tool boxes, headache racks, flatbeds and dump bodies, to any custom aluminum heavy duty product for your truck, Trebor has the required craftsmanship, experience and equipment to make it happen.

Trebor Top Cover Aluminum Tool Box

Custom Aluminum Tool Boxes

It is hard to imagine a semi-truck without its star accessory: the toolbox. And Trebor knows just how to make your rig shine with a toolbox that is a perfect fit. Not only that, the lightweight aluminum means it is easier to haul, and the expert designs will make your trips that much more organized.

Custom Headache Racks

Custom Headache Racks and Bulkheads

Our headache racks are tailored to suit your needs, which are for good fit and reliable protection. You can also count on Trebor’s trailer bulkheads, meant to protect you from any shifting load. This wall-like divider is also fully customizable to your truck and specific needs.

Custom Flatbeds5

Custom Flatbeds

Made of aluminum, these lightweight beds can be made to any specification and come ready to install. They are fully customizable, so whether you need a subframe, pockets, or window opening on the front or back panel, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Dump Bodies

Custom Dump Bodies

Whatever your particular specifications, Trebor Manufacturing can deliver on your dump body needs and custom specifications. Made of aluminum, these custom dump bodies are lightweight, and yet do not compromise on durability and strength.

Why Trebor should be your #1 choice for custom semi truck accessories


It is good to have options

Not every rig is the same, and not every driver has the same needs. This is why Trebor Manufacturing can offer a free quote for the setup you truly require to make your job efficient, safe, and enjoyable. And what’s more, your custom semi truck accessories come ready to install and use immediately. Take the custom flatbed, for example, with winches, reflectors and straps already installed.

Ill-fitting accessories can also mean less efficient gas mileage as they will affect how aerodynamic your truck is, and needless to say that a custom headache rack or bulkhead needs to sit perfectly for maximum effectiveness.


Our Material of Choice: Aluminum

Speaking of aerodynamic, let Trebor lessen the load with custom semi truck accessories that last a long time, but are lightweight all the same!

Aluminum is easy to work with, which is why Trebor proudly provides its customers with record turnaround times. When you receive a Trebor custom semi truck accessory, such as a tool box, headache rack, or flatbed, you are fully expecting to put it through its paces. A custom tool box, for example, will be exposed to the elements and undergo heavy use. A flatbed will literally be carrying your paycheck on its back and can never slack off. A custom headache rack or bulkhead may sustain an impact or two if your load ever moves. Only aluminum can withstand all of these eventualities and still be ready to go the next day. It does not become brittle in the cold, does not rust, and, with a good polish, can reflect the blazing sun as you barrel down the highway. Discover 4 reasons why you should choose an aluminum tool box over steel.



Trebor’s custom semi truck accessories are here to take a load off your shoulders and place it exactly where it belongs – back on the truck. Not only do tool boxes protect all your expensive gear, they can also be placed in the most practical position on your truck to ensure ease of access and maximal use of storage space. A lightweight custom flatbed is the obvious choice because it comes all ready to install, and saves you hundreds in gas due to its light structure. A custom dump body is the same, and will ensure maximum efficiency. Headache racks and bulkheads are practical in the same way that a bike helmet is practical when you’re whipping around town—there is nothing more practical and responsible than staying alive.


Custom semi truck accessories will improve your safety

Having your truck accessories custom-made ensures they are maximized for your particular rig. Not only is this handy, but it is also safe. Consider the following:

  • You want your tools to be easily accessible in case of emergency
  • You want your load and your neck to both arrive intact
  • You want your flatbed to hold your load securely without risk of sliding off or shifting
  • You want your dump body to be strong and reliable, and not buckle or overextend

Staying safe and well equipped ensures that your truck is efficient, and your mind is at ease. All of these custom accessories get rigorous use every day. Best to have them tailored to fit your truck and able to properly support your load than risk any trouble! Discover why a custom headache rack could save your life.


A Name You Can Trust

Trebor has been in business since 1985, and these 30 + years of experience in the industry mean that Trebor knows the needs of Canadian truck drivers better than anyone else in the industry.

Our fast turnaround and understanding of our customers’ needs make us the go-to for truckers who want safety, quality, and above all, something that fits their truck properly. We understand that unless it is custom, there’s no guarantee that is will maximize its potential and adequately meet your needs.


Let’s Get Creative!

Contact Trebor Manufacturing for any of the custom semi truck accessories listed above. Get creative, and we will help you design every compartment, add every strap, and maximize utility. At the intersection of money, quality, and versatility, you can only find Trebor.

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