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What sets us apart at Trebor is our fast turnaround times between an order request and the delivery
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Trebor offers a range of quality products at an affordable price. Nothing better than pairing quality and price together.
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We Deliver Excellent Customer Service. This also goes through sales. Rest assured that you will be served like a KING! We are here for you.

Semi Truck Accessories

Trebor Manufacturing is renowned in the truck industry for building high quality semi truck accessories and products for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and more. Our competitive edge lies in our ability to deliver more quickly than most of our competitors so you can receive your order in a matter of days, not weeks. Not only do we use 1/8″ thick aluminum to build strong, light, fuel efficient, and long-lasting semi accessories, Trebor also has the essential skill, experience and high tech equipment needed to build your semi truck accessory. Our most popular heavy truck accessories include our famous signature aluminum tool boxes and semi headache racks which come in various sizes and options. Get in touch with us now.

Why Trebor should be your #1 choice for semi truck accessories

Materials used for our heavy duty trucks

Aluminum is lightweight, durable, and won’t rust. Its malleability and workability mean a quick turnaround on orders, so customers don’t stay waiting. Many Trebor accessories, such as the semi toolboxes and headache racks are made of aluminum for this very reason. A toolbox, for example, will be exposed to wind, snow and rain. Steps will be banged, dinged, and hit. A headache rack or bulkhead may sustain the impact of a shifting load. Only aluminum can withstand all of these eventualities and still be ready to go the next day. What’s more, aluminum has the unique ability to withstand harsh Canadian winters. It will not become brittle or crack in the cold, meaning you can stay fully equipped and don’t have to worry about equipment failure in the middle of winter. Click here to read more about truck driving in the winter!

The practicality of our semi-truck accessories

Trebor’s truck accessories are practical and make your life easier. They are the no-frills essentials to a successful journey. For example, having all of your expensive gear in one toolbox is a great way to prevent it from being damaged. What’s more, the elements can’t get in, and you know where to find everything when you need it. A headache rack and trailer bulkhead ensure your safety and peace of mind. Fenders keep everything from large rocks to mud from being catapulted onto your truck, and steps make for smooth work from start to finish.
Most importantly, having the final say in the dimensions and layout of your heavy duty truck accessories allows you to fully enhance your trucking experience. If you know you need certain tools at certain times, you can integrate this knowledge into your design and include extra compartments or dividers where they will be most readily accessible.

Mitigating Risk

Having the correct semi accessories doesn’t only make trip planning and execution smoother and more hassle-free, it also ensures your overall safety. Yes, having tools close by is handy, but think of all the emergency situations in which having certain items within arm’s reach in your custom aluminum toolbox could literally be life-saving.
Similarly, having a headache rack or trailer bulkhead is a classic example of planning for the worst and expecting the best. No doubt that with all of your other custom semi truck accessories helping you secure your load you will probably never have a problem with load shift, but if you do, it is best to be prepared. What’s more, constant worry about the dangers of the job will tax your mental health and reserves of positivity. Staying safe and well equipped ensures that your truck is efficient, and your mind is at ease.
What’s more, smaller accessories such as steps can allow for less slippage and less long-term damage to your back as you go up and down every day. Each affordable and customized upgrade to your trucking setup can help mitigate short and long-term risks.

Trebor, A Name You Can Trust

Trebor Manufacturing has been in business since 1985, and these 30 + years of experience in the industry mean that Trebor knows the needs of Canadian and American truck drivers better than anyone else in the industry.
Our incredibly fast turnaround and understanding of our customers’ needs make us the go-to for truckers who want safety, quality, and above all, something that fits their truck properly. We understand that unless it is custom, there’s no guarantee that it will maximize its potential and adequately meet your needs.
Trebor products are also accessible. You can order through any truck and trailer dealer, repair shop, or part retailer.

How our semi-truck equipment increases your bottom line

The end-game to trucking is simple: profit. And Trebor’s semi truck accessories are there to minimize your headaches and maximize your gain.
Firstly, lightweight aluminum accessories ensure fuel efficiency, as does the design of the toolboxes and headache racks. No more pushing against the wind.
Time saved with steps, toolboxes and chain racks mean faster delivery time and less time spent loading and unloading. The sooner you’re done, the sooner you’re back home with your loved ones.
The safety net provided by headache racks and trailer bulkheads is not only physical, it is financial too. Imagine the disastrous consequences of unchecked load shift on the bank account of a trucking company. One small mistake on your part could send a load hurling forward with disastrous consequences to their bottom line. With the proper accessories in place you can ensure your safety and your employer’s continued confidence. This confidence often translates to raises and promotions down the line, so make sure to protect both your neck and their investment.

1,2,3 Accessorize!

Contact Trebor Manufacturing for any of the semi truck accessories listed above. Over time you’ll see for yourself how your toolbox comes to feel like your right-hand man (or woman), and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Built to work and last, the rewards you reap far outweigh the initial investment, and Trebor is there for you every step of the way to ensure proper fit, function, and satisfaction. Enjoy!

aluminum tool boxes-Trebor Manufacturing

Aluminum Tool Boxes

The ultimate semi truck accessory that no trucker can do without, the aluminum tool box. Our toolboxes are lightweight, durable, and can be customized to any truck and to accommodate all of your equipment needs.

Semi Headache Racks

Semi Headache Racks

Our headache racks are tailored to the truck and type of load, to ensure perfect fit and utmost protection. You never plan on your load sliding forward, but it never hurts to be prepared with this kind of accessory for your semi truck.

Trailer Bulkheads

Trailer Bulkheads

Another essential semi truck protector is the trailer bulkhead that comes between you and any shifting load. This wall-like divider is placed at the front of your flatbed and can be tailored to your truck.

Truck Steps and Ladders

Truck Steps and Ladders

These semi truck accessories provide easy access to your truck cab and / or bed and allow for easy work and loading. Made of aluminum, they are slip-resistant and sturdy.

Other Accessories

Other Accessories

Trebor can take care of all your other semi truck accessories. Our mounting brackets, deck levelers, hub steps, fenders, chain racks and more can all make your trucking experience more streamlined and efficient.

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